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You Got Mail

Have you ever noticed how a child is always looking up? They can spot airplanes, birds, kites, jets, and even floating-away balloons before we adults do.

One beautiful morning I was out with my four year old grandson, he looked up to see a written message in the gorgeous blue sky.

“What does that say, Nama? he asked. “Jesus loves you”, I answered. The excitement gleamed all over his face as he carefully studied the message. Then he seriously announced, “Nama, God wrote us a letter!” Read more »

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Celebrate YES!

After today, I hope that ‘YES’ will take on a whole new meaning to all of my fans as it has for me.

One weekend we were at a business seminar and to hype up our mind in thinking ‘success’, we were asked to stand and at their ‘go’ we were all to clap hard and yell, YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!………….!  Each ‘YES’ becoming louder and louder. Read more »

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Box of Opportunities

 Okay, how is the New Year treating you about now? Or better yet, how are you treating the New Year about now?  The year 2012 started out just like every other past year; as a calendar spreadsheet. Each day is a box of opportunities. How sad to cross off ‘day’ boxes without having filled them with anything.

Each present day is a gift from God to us. He wraps it with beautiful opportunities ready to be explored. At the end of each day is that ‘day’ box empty? Read more »

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Money and Leaves

 Children, my favorite topic, have influenced my life in such a way that it stirs up excitement every time I am around them or there’s conversations of them floating around.  There is always something I can say about kids.  Big, kids, little kids, funny kids, smart kids, silly kids, or just about any type of kid, I am there!

Kids are so precious, and many times they just get their ways. Why do kids get their ways? Well, I like to think that it’s because we love them, which is a darn good reason to make things happen for them. Read more »

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Hero Mentality

Reading about the heroes of the past, fills my heart with thankfulness. The journals of life are filled with this type of men and women or maybe even children.  Lives all around the world have been changed, saved, and altered. Many of the past heroic deeds are perpetuating through our lives today and will continue to be talked about generation after generation.

Whether we see them or not, whether we believe them or not, or whether we know of them or not, heroes are everywhere doing their thing. We are not born heroes, we are made heroes. Read more »

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Unknown Hero

Many heroes of the past have been commended, admired, and honored throughout the ages. And today, heroes of the present are being honored as well.  But have you ever thought of heroes that go unnoticed? Yes, there have been millions of unknown heroes that have done great deeds, whether  in saving one life or many. You are one of them. Read more »

Jan 12, 2012 - Fresh Start    No Comments

Open House

   How comfortable would you feel if God held an Open House of your life today?

As we all know an Open House is a house opened to all visitors, right?  We have seen real estate signs with Open House invitations, new property open to the public to come see, and even functions and events with Open House signs. All of the above mentioned are usually planned out, expecting visitors in and out all day long. Read more »

Jan 10, 2012 - Fresh Start    No Comments

The “Very Good” You

I think about the many very good, unwritten stories there are in the hearts of people. The very good,  unsung songs that could stir the heavy heart. The very good, unpainted pictures that are yet to speak a thousand words. The very good, unspoken words that are waiting to move God’s hand. The very good lives that are still waiting to be lived. Where are they? Read more »

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A Manual For Living

Proverbs was written down so we’ll know how to live well and right, to understand what life means and where it’s going; for learning what’s right and just and fair. It teaches the inexperienced and gives our young a grasp on reality. Proverbs is a manual for living; fresh wisdom to probe and penetrate. 

The following is a short list to help us understand how God speaks to us through His Word. Read Proverbs and Listen.

1:7    Start with God. The first step in learning is bowing down to God. Read more »

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A Brand New Year/Life

I love babies and this year everywhere I look there they are; a cute and precious little person starting out on life. Well, I began to think about it and I believe this New Year is like a fresh newborn baby to some of us. It is like a brand new life beginning its journey in this busy, fast-moving carousal. Of course, a baby is protected, guided, and nourished along the way as it begins to mature and takes a taste of life, then takes bigger bites. When suddenly it is ready to take a plunge and experience a fresh new life.

Our fresh new start this year should not be taken lightly nor should we want to rush into it blindly. Neither should we frolic through it as tiptoeing through the tulips. Read more »