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A Child’s Song

How beautiful to hear a song being sung unto the Lord by a 5 and a 2 year old.

When my daughter graduated from college, we arranged to have a family get-together at a restaurant immediately following the ceremony. Her children at the time were five and two. Our grandson had also graduated kindergarten from one of the finest Christian Schools in S. Fl. that same month, so it was a double ceremony.

Along with the whole crowd of maybe twelve people, the children waited patiently while food orders were being taken and then having to wait for everyone to be served. Talking across the large table was quite a challenge since there was a lot of noise in the restaurant during the lunch-time rush. Our table was up against the kitchen wall, which added to the customer noise with dishes clanging and staff in and out of the kitchen doors. But nevertheless, only God knows why things work the way they do. Read more »

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Child-like Boldness

I remember reading about David in the Bible when he and his men were away and the enemy came, destroyed their camp, and stole all their stuff including their families. Well, David inquired to the Lord as to what to do, and the Lord told him to go and take back what was his. He did. I can imagine what it must have been like to go into the enemy’s camp to take back what had been taken. Well, my grandson experienced a similar situation. Read more »

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Serenity Prayer

Dear Lord God,

You are my pacesetter, I shall not rush. You make me to stop and rest for quiet intervals, You provide me with images of stillness, which restores my serenity.

You lead me in ways of efficiency through calmness of mind and Your guidance is peace. Read more »

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Much More Than Ordinary

Dear Father God Almighty,

Thank you for loving me and saving me. I know you see me as a very useful vessel for You. Even though at times when You call me to a task that seems too difficult, it makes me feel simple and ordinary. With You I am not ordinary, because what we can do together is extra-ordinary! Read more »

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Security Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your faithfulness and love for me. You are my fortress, where I can enter and be safe. You’re my rock, my salvation where I can hide from the enemy. You are my tower of safety, my shield and my strong horn. Thank you for being with me all the way. Help me to forget the past and move towards what lies ahead. Read more »

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Personal Guard

Dear Lord,

My help is in You, who made the mountains and the heavens! You will never let me stumble, slip nor fall. For you are always watching, never sleeping. You, Lord are caring for me! You are my defender! You protect me day and night. Thank you Lord for guarding me from every evil. Thank you for guarding my very life. Your Word says that You will guard me when I leave and when I return, You guard me now and always. Amen

Note: for reference, read Psalm 121

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Don’t Stop!

Can you imagine how many people are going through things? There is sickness, death, loss, pain, false accusations, lack, loneliness, separation, broken hearts, injuries, divisions, and so much more. Even Christians go through things. But my Pastor tells it the way it should be, “Go through it! Don’t stop!” Read more »

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Don’t Worry

Worry immobilizes, but concern moves you into action.

Don’t let worries about tomorrow affect your relationship with God today.

Worrying about the future hampers your efforts for tomorrow. Read more »

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Smart vs Wise

“Is being smart the same as being wise?” my 12 year old grandson asked.

“Okay, where do you think wisdom comes from?” I challenged him.

“From God?” he hesitantly answered.

“And how do you get smart? How do you gain knowledge or a ‘know-how’ of things?” Read more »

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Little Sign or BIG SIGN?

If we are epistles/letters read by all, then why not have the largest font possible!

What would your sign/life say?

Last year I felt like a little sign, but this year I want to try something different! I want to be a BIG SIGN!  I want people to see Jesus in me from far! I want to be read from far! I want to be heard from far! I want to be noticed from far! I want to reach far! I want to make a statement far! I want to go far! I want to see far! I just want to go farther-than-I-did-last-year far! Read more »