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Euphemism is a less direct term used in place of one considered less offensive. In these times with words and terms changing rapidly we are, to a degree, excused for the way we talk, or rather the way we use our words. Sometimes we aren’t even talking we’re just making noise loud enough to be heard.

One fact that is so common is the use of God’s name in vain. Now, vain doesn’t mean we didn’t know or we didn’t mean to say that or even an ‘oops’ that slipped out. Speaking in vain means we’re speaking in a conceited, proud, fruitless an ineffectual way. And worst of all we know it! Read more »

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Building for the Future

One wealthy builder’s comment as he gazed upon his future nest in progress: “I have been building on my future nest for years, every year it changes, hope at completion it will be all I have ever dreamed of.”

The Man of God gazed up, with eyes closed: “I have been building on my future nest for years, every year it changes, hope at completion it will be all I have ever dreamed of and more.” Read more »

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Rooster Crowing

I heard the man of God talk about the rooster crowing 3 times. Yes, we all know the story of Peter denying that he knew Jesus. But what about us? Do we deny Jesus? The definition of  ‘deny’ is to declare not to be true. Read more »

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Daughter is in Love

Once upon a time there was a young girl that went off to college. Her parents, pastors of very large church, knew she was in God’s hands. They taught her to pray, to fast, to help the needy, to serve , to obey God and share His Word. They raised her to be faithful to God; going to church, working in the ministries, attending all classes, learning more and more about what she could do. Before graduation they received a letter from her. She was in love and she was pouring her entire life into this first love. Read more »

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Prayer of Protection

Dear God,

Protect me, O God. You are my shield. You will defend me. Prepare me, Lord to always have confidence in You. Dear God, I want to be saturated with the knowledge of Your protection for me, and to be filled with Your presence in order to defend myself against the lies and propaganda of the enemy. I want to trust in You, Lord. Read more »

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Recipe of Love

1 large quantity of Love        2 sections of Kindness

2 fractions of Trust                 4 morsels of Friendship

4 portions of Faith                   5 servings of Hope

3 parts of Understanding     1 unit of Laughter 

2 helpings of Tenderness                   fragments of Forgiveness   Read more »

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Words, Words, Words.


Words, words, words, oh my, what do I hear!

Words, words, words, are they from you my dear?

Words, words, words, oh my, what do I feel!

Words, words, words, my heart did steal?

Words, words, words,  oh my, what do I see!

Words, words, words, have you become me?

-Mae Archila

Note: God’s spoken Word created man; our spoken words can create the character of a man. Choose your words wisely, we are birthing the future leaders.

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Prayer of Praise

O Lord God,

Praise Your name forever and ever! Yours is the mighty power, glory, victory and majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is Yours , O Lord. I adore You as being in control of everything. Riches and honor come from You alone, and You are the Ruler of all mankind. Your hand controls power and might and it is at Your discretion that men are made great and given strength.

O My God, I thank You and praise Your glorious Name! Read more »