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Baby Shower

Baby showers are so special and beautiful and so meaningful. From the very beginning, Baby Showers function as a type of initiation into, and a construction of , a new state of being. Baby Showers in their different forms in different eras contribute to the eventual reintegration of a new identity in the community for both the parents as well as the child. Celebrating a child with gifts and provision brings joy to the parents. The initial excitement came to the mother/parents when they learned the news of expecting a new child. This excitement  is beyond this world. Only the heaven’s joy can compare. Read more »

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I BELIEVE: that my children are a gift of God–the hope of a new tomorrow.

I BELIEVE: that immeasurable possibilities lie within each son and daughter.

I BELIEVE: that God has planned a perfect plan for their future, and Read more »

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God is educating us for the future, for higher service and nobler blessings; and if we have the qualities that fit us for a throne, nothing can keep us from it when God’s time has come.

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When Children Ask

Having a conversation with a child must be God’s agenda, because it really sets our minds thinking like they should. When a child asks, “Is God really here?” Do we just answer ‘yes’, or do we lead him to feel God’s presence? When a child asks anything about God, it’s genuine. They don’t ask just to have something to talk about or because someone else is asking. Our answers are the beginning of their foundation of faith. Besides, if you can talk to a Child you can talk to anyone. Make your answers worth the value of the question.

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Hearing For The First Time-Again

Though we’ve heard a lot of things before, it’s amazing how it hits home when it seems that we hear it for the first time. When you have spiritual ears to hear, you hear differently than with your physical ears. All things (you hear) are made new. God speaks to you where you are (in life), where you understand (using your experiences, your gifts and abilities), and where you’re going (where he knows you are able to go). So listen up; you might hear something for the first time, again.

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Light is that which makes vision possible.  And without a vision, people will perish.

Light represents what is good, pure, true, holy, and reliable.  God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all, and He alone can guide us out of darkness. Interesting enough, Light is also related to truth, in that it exposes whatever exists, whether good or bad.  In other words; in the dark, good and evil look alike, but in the light they can be clearly distinguished.

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Who Are We?

For centuries, people have been asking this question.  And I am sure you have or know someone who has asked this at some point in time.  Lets go back to when we were created.  Read more »

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Okay, if you don’t believe this than what happens when we think small?  To win in a game, the team must think over and above the other team, and that kind of thinking is not small thinking! So yes, success begins in your thinking. We can launch success by the power of thinking success. Read more »

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We’ve  been told to think big even before were big, think big when all we could imagine around us was little, think big when we were up against a giant situation and even just think big all through life. Many of us have heard this so many times and if you ask your parents or even your grandparents they would agree, but why is this saying so important? Read more »

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Our Life-Strengthener

God does not want us to be like delicate, fragile vases of glass or porcelain that get destroyed and broken easily. Once broken or destroyed, we live a life as a fragment–a broken piece, a part broken off, detached or incomplete. Read more »