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What an interesting word! Risibility stems from the late Latin word “risibilis” which means “that can laugh.” This noun word for laughter seems to be a happy word and even writing it makes my pen flow easily. We are all born with this ability or disposition to laugh, and one thing that stirs it up in us is seeing another exercising their ability especially an infant or any young child.

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Enter In

After the death and burial of Jesus (Mk 16:10), the women went out and purchased the embalming spices not for embalming Jesus’ body, but for anointing it as a sign of LOVE, DEVOTION, and RESPECT. It was like bringing flowers to the grave. They questioned each other as to who would be able to move the heavy stone from the entrance of the tomb for them to enter. But as they approached, they saw the stone had been rolled away already.

I believe the angels (as instructed by God, the Father), did not roll away the stone so Jesus could get out, but so others could ENTER IN and Read more »

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Seeing is Believing

Many people who hear about Jesus for the first time, or perhaps hear of a miracle for the first time, may need time before they can comprehend this amazing story. Like Mary and the disciples, at the empty tomb, they too may have passed through common stages of weak belief. First they may have thought it to be a fabrication; something made up or impossible to believe (see John 20:2- where a very large and heavy stone had been rolled away, unsealing the Jesus’ tomb). Second, like Peter, they may have checked out the facts, but still puzzled about what had happened (see John 20:6). And only when they ENCOUNTERED JESUS PERSONALLY they were able to accept the fact of the resurrection: The Truth (see John 20:16). Read more »

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Full Joy

These things I have spoken unto you…that your joy may be full“-John 15:11. Reading this Word today caused me to take a second glance. I had interpreted this Scripture as, ‘may I be full of joy,’ but it’s not that ‘I’ be full, but that ‘my joy’ be full. Wow! It’s easier to understand for me to be full of joy, but how can my joy be full?

First, I must have some joy in me otherwise there’s nothing to fill, right? So the question is, how do I get joy and how do I fill it, and last, why?  Read more »

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Your faith and the values of this world are on a collision course. Something and/or someone is always coming against God’s Way. We are called to “run” the race, not walk! And the “race” means that someone else is competing with us for the prize or victory. God already said that we will win, we just have to keep running and focus on the goal. “Do you not know that in a race all runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24 NIV Read more »

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265/66 (Or More) Opportunities

As I think about how fast one month can fly by, it makes me wonder what of me went with it. And what of the rest of the days that are left, will I make a difference or even leave a speck of any thing that made that day significant to me?  We know that years are marked by certain events that will take place, and also by what people will do. For centuries God has been providing a cycle of 365 or 366 days for us to enjoy and leave our mark behind. Read more »

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F.R.O.G. Protection/Fraud Protection

Fully relying on God (F.R.O.G.) means trusting Him with ALL your heart and not depending on your own understanding. We all need F.R.O.G. protection to protect our reliance on God and keep ourselves safe from fraud. Abundant Life Insurance is the sure way to go. You will find your Provider in the Book of Life: The BIBLE. This valuable book has all you’ll need to protect your full reliance on God. This Insurance not only protects you daily, but it covers you for life. Getting the best and only the best insurance will keep you safe, healthy and active all the days of your life. Read more »

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Through the Grace of God we stay connected to Jesus our Savior. He wants to express His life through us and be our respirator. We can’t breathe spiritually without Him. His Grace is the very oxygen in our lungs that makes the spiritual life possible in our world. In general, a respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer form inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, or gases. Read more »

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The Apple Story

An apple, a shiny, red apple has just fallen from it’s home tree.

Apple: “Shall I lay here so comfy in this tall, green grass beneath? Shall I take in the rays of the sun and the freshness of each and every day?”

Suddenly, the shiny, red apple was stolen off its comfort zone and picked up by an apple picker.

The Apple Picker: “Oh no little shiny, red apple, you will not lay on the ground day after day in your comfort zone. Don’t be fooled, every day is not today. Today is the beginning of something great. You are not your own. You belong to God. He sees you beyond just being an apple. So I will take and transform you by washing, peeling, and preparing you for service. You shall serve a small child, a great King, and a poor man.”

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Child of God; hum , why not Adult of God, or Grown-up of God, or perhaps Babies of God? Have you ever wondered why the Bible puts so much emphasis on being a Child of God? Well, first of all a child needs looking after all the time. A child is born with an unlimited-kind of faith, to a child, everything is beautiful, new, exciting, and fresh. A child’s mind and drive is as a sponge–soaking it all in. A child trusts without judging, gives without concern, walks without worry, and loves without boundaries. A child believes in greater things than himself, they obey because they trust, they question because they truly want to know, and they speak in simple terms for us to understand them. And a child asks, because he can.

It is a privilege to be called and considered a Child of God.  To God, we will always be His Children. Wow! So the topic of this blog is so true: “Child of God Forever.” As long as we are child-like, we can get God’s attention. Remember, Read more »