Your Opinion

Many of you have a pretty good opinion of yourself. Who knows you better than yourself? No one! FALSE! God knows you better than you actually know or will ever know yourself. Yet, you may know of your past and your today, but you just don’t know yourself coming tomorrow. And to fully say, you just have no idea about your future!

Yes, you can guess, speculate, plan, wish or even imagine, but nevertheless it’s not the real thing. The real ‘you’ is only in one person–Jesus. The real you, no one knows but God. Your real future, though already planned out (by God, not by you), encompasses the ‘real you’. The future you is nothing like the today you! Your story has been written, and the only question you might have is: “I wonder what it says about me and who I am?”

Well, you might never really know everything about your future today, but you sure can work towards it. How? First, forget who you are today and concentrate on who you want to be tomorrow according to what God wants you to be. Do you want to know what God says about you? Read His book. In His Word He talks about you. Yes, it’s about you and who God says that you are. God’s love for you is what your whole life is all about. Your story is really a love story with the best ending ever. When you discover how much He loves you, you can’t help falling in love with Him and desiring to know more about Him and your future with Him forever. So, your opinion of yourself does not compare to His opinion of you. He wants Himself to be seen in you. So, go share Him and your wonderful story ending with God Himself in the future, whether near or far; no one knows just our God!

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