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Living in Florida, we’ve experienced many hurricanes. Some lighter than others. In one occasion the transformer behind our house blew out causing the lack of electricity to our entire neighborhood. Trying to make the most of it, or in it, we lit candles and oil lamps. Prior to the storm, we had reserved water and collected perishable food, all hoping for the best , but preparing for the worse. But regardless of our ever-ready life to live without power, it was not the same. One thing for sure was that without the real source of electricity our lives and activities were limited.

I began to think about how we are as transformers. If we are connected to the main source of electricity/power, we receive the strongest, brightest and most powerful light available. But when the storms/hurricanes of life hit our homes, our neighborhoods, and our families, then we tend to disconnect ourselves from the Power Source. Yes, alone we might be able to help others even with our dim lights, our reserved love, and our minimal supplies, but without the real source, our efforts are still limited.

When life’s storms hit, make sure to check your connectors. God is not a candle, He is not an oil lamp, and for sure He has no limits on supplies for us. He gave us the LIGHT of the World when He sent His Son Jesus to the rescue His children from all kinds of storms. Jesus used the phrase “Light of the World” to describe Himself and His disciples. The Great Source of LIGHT connects us all. Let your Light Shine….. Mat 5:16.

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