Aug 8, 2016 - Insight    No Comments

Blessings Flow

It’s God’s nature to bless and it’s His purpose for blessings to flow. It never has been and never will be God’s intention for His blessings to end with us, rather for them to flow to others as part of His greater plan for the whole world. So when you receive a blessing or you ask for a particular blessing, do you have the whole picture or perhaps the bigger picture in mind? He does. Though while He personally works in our lives, much more is going on behind the scenes that we are unaware of many times. It is like the song, “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hand,” but in this case, it fits to say, “He’s Got The Whole World in His Mind.”

Anything God does for you and me contributes to a higher purpose. His purpose is to fulfill His good pleasure. We just need to be a clear channel so His blessings can flow freely out of us to others, and from them to others and so forth. Let the Blessings flow! There are many more coming your way. “For it is God who works in you to will and act in order to fulfill His good pleasure.”-Philippians 2:13.

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