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The Oh well, might as well.. moments in our lives are when we have no other choices, or before we give up, or perhaps the left-overs of our actions. After trying everything, one might say, “Might as well try this, nothing else has worked,” and there goes the last of your possessions. They could be your dreams, hopes, your faith, and maybe your love. They could also be money, as a matter of fact, the majority of issues deal with money, but they can include your last action of doing something. A sad example may be, might as well end my life, I’m no good. This is a serious one because you are dealing with a precious life–YOURS!

Many people, in the past as is today and unfortunately will continue in the future, have had to or will deal with many might-as-wells including, Might as well try God, nothing else has worked. Sadly, but true, this was meant for the beginning of our journey rather than an option of last resort. When we reach this might-as-well state we have little or nothing to offer anymore, at least the way we think. Leftovers are exactly that-whatever is left over from a main course. God is always being offered leftovers of our broken lives, our last penny, our weak prayers, and our polluted hearts. The world cannot work with any of that, BUT God can! Though He would love to sit down with us at the main course, when things are full and fresh on our plates, but nevertheless, He will wait until He is called upon, even if it’s for leftovers.

Why call Him only when we need Him or His help? Why not invite Him daily to be part of our lives? You Might As Well–there is nothing better for you.

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