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God Has Spoken-Once & For ALL!

When God speaks, ALL things happen! In Psalm 62:11, it begins, “God has spoken once; twice have I heard this…” When God speaks, whether once, ONE Word of His is more to be trusted, confided and depended on than all men and things in this world. God hasn’t only spoken to us once, He has spoken His Word often and continues to speak to us over and over again. Are we listening? Are we really hearing Him? God speaks in ALL His Glory, in ALL His Power, in ALL His Might, in ALL His Perfection, in All His Fullness, and in ALL His Love! “ALL” is every bit of Him, Completely, Entirely, The Sum of, Totally, Perfect, Whole, and it goes on and on….. It’s a good idea to hold on to this meaning of “ALL” when reading of His Promises to us, His Children. 

God spoke ALL things out of nothing in creation (nothing being the opposite of ALL). He spoke ALL the Words of the Law (the 10 Commandments) at Mount Sinai, and He spoke ALL His Words through His Son in the last days and still speaks that same way through His True and Faithful Ministers of the Full Gospel.

So, what God has once spoken stands! His Word cannot be undone, cannot be changed and cannot be added to! It is Fixed, Set, Firm, Sure AND Alive! God has Spoken! How many times have we heard Him? Are we assured of the Truth of what God has spoken Once and for ALL?

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