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Do any of us really know “the WAY of life?” Do we know the way to life or the way to anything in the future? Are we born knowing when and where to go? Are we born knowing how to do things? Do we know the way along the way? The answer is NO if you are trying to figure it out as a future search. We can only know the WAY today. The WAY is for the present, the NOW living, the day by day living. The WAY is for the moment and there’s only one way to live–it is in the NOW, the today of your journey.

Yes, some of us live blindly from day to day not knowing or even caring to know, “what way next?” Some of us live just breathing until a new day unfolds and closes the door to yesterdays. The “Que sera, sera” (what will be, will be) attitude is like going through life on auto-pilot. Take control of your life as a plane that has valuable passengers aboard. You can only fly one airplane today, but tomorrow you’ll have a new Way, a new plane and possibly new passengers that you are accountable for.

Though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, one thing we can count on is that there is the “WAY” coming along with each new day. Jesus said it Himself in John 14:6, ” I am the Way…” and He will never leave us. He travels with us if we allow Him too. His presence shall go with us. Believe in Him and take control of your life journey today. Though God is omnipresent, He is in our today awaiting our company and fellowship. He not only is the WAY, He is the TRUTH and the LIFE. That’s a companion worth traveling with all the WAY.

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