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BEATIFY (bee-at-uh-fahy)

This word means to make blissfully happy. Have you ever felt this kind of happiness? The extreme, full, complete, abounding, and enjoyable kind of happiness? I believe this kind of blissful happiness beautifies you. Why? because  blissful happiness is birthed from deep within and it surfaces naturally. What makes you happy? blissfully happy?

I read this quote from one of Matthew Arnold’s essays, ” In spite of his infirmities, in spite of his sufferings, in spite of his obscurity, he was the happiest man alive…For certainly it is natural that the love of light, which is already in some measure, the possession of light, should irradiate and beatify the whole life of him who has it.”

To me, the Love of light translates into a spiritual truth. God is Love and Jesus is the Light of the World. We possess that Light when we accept Christ into our life, which in turn will irradiate (illuminates,lights up, brightens) and beatify our whole life. You Got it?

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