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Who Are We?

For centuries, people have been asking this question.  And I am sure you have or know someone who has asked this at some point in time.  Lets go back to when we were created.  God’s Word confirms that we were created in the image and likeness of God. (Now I say “God’s Word confirms” because I believe that God’s Word is solid, inspired and breathed on by God Himself.) Mankind had a real and stable place of dominion in the Garden of Eden. But when they disobeyed, they not only lost their place (the Garden), but they lost their perfect relationship with God. When Jesus Christ came into the picture, He restored our relationship with the Father. The Father gave His Son to the human race to draw us back to Him. God the Son is our way back to belonging to God once more. The Bible says that we are called the children of God,  joint-heirs with Jesus by faith in Him. The Garden was replaced by the beautiful Heaven that we will someday see and our relationship was replaced with being sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Now the question is: Do we believe?

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