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265/66 (Or More) Opportunities

As I think about how fast one month can fly by, it makes me wonder what of me went with it. And what of the rest of the days that are left, will I make a difference or even leave a speck of any thing that made that day significant to me?  We know that years are marked by certain events that will take place, and also by what people will do. For centuries God has been providing a cycle of 365 or 366 days for us to enjoy and leave our mark behind.

I like to refer to “our mark” as “our seed.” Whether we are aware of it or not, we are either sowing/planting or scattering seed somewhere within the 365/366 days that accompany our every living breath we take on earth each year. Whether there is a difference between sowing and planting or even scattering, I do know they are all in common with one thing–placing or depositing seed in the ground. I personally take sowing as scattering seed in open fields or bigger lots, but to me planting is intentionally placing a seed in the ground as in a smaller garden or area. If we are called to a larger crowd in our lives than we have the opportunity to sow seed by scattering it, but not all the seed will land or be received on fertile ground (Matthew 13:3-9). Some of us will have specific areas and more personal assignments to sow/plant seed, like in the lives of family members, close friends, and those selected to share our path in life. So, with that in mind, what kind of mark are you going to leave in the gone days, that will bring a harvest for the coming days? Keeping a journal of what kind of seeds you’ve sown/planted or scattered, whether they were prayers, smiles, waves, acts of kindness, or just anything good, will bring a sense of importance to your life. Every year we have 365/66 (or more) opportunities.


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