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Euphemism is a less direct term used in place of one considered less offensive. In these times with words and terms changing rapidly we are, to a degree, excused for the way we talk, or rather the way we use our words. Sometimes we aren’t even talking we’re just making noise loud enough to be heard.

One fact that is so common is the use of God’s name in vain. Now, vain doesn’t mean we didn’t know or we didn’t mean to say that or even an ‘oops’ that slipped out. Speaking in vain means we’re speaking in a conceited, proud, fruitless an ineffectual way. And worst of all we know it!

There are prohibitions against not paying due reverence to the use of the name ‘God’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ in Christian cultures. Thus to satisfy what seems to be a need for abusive speech/terms, a number of euphemisms are substituted for those in English.

Today golly and gosh are considered harmless euphemisms for ‘God’; and jeepers and jeepers creepers are used instead of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Jesus Christ’. Another euphemism for ‘Jesus’ is jeez, sometimes with the spelling altered even further to geez.

Learn how and when to speak, better yet, learn how and when not to speak.

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