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I Had A Dream

“I had a dream.” How many of us have heard this? Well, like it or not, dreams come to everyone and a lot of them mean something. Sometimes we remember them, other times we don’t want to remember them for what ever reasons. Some are remembered in detail and others are remembered in bits and pieces. I find that the dreams that mean something to me are the ones that stay with me. Maybe throughout the day I think on it, or it just keeps popping up at different times. If it is in my mind and heart more than once, I want to know why. Some are meant to share and others are meant to be kept to self and at this stage of life I can pretty much tell the difference. The following is one of those bits-and-pieces-type of dream:

There were several people in a circle having Bible Study. I found myself wholeheartedly crying and begging the teacher to “Tell them! They don’t know!” Through sobs I just cried out these words over and over until I woke myself up from really crying.

Thinking on this so much the day after, I asked God, “What does it mean?” Well God didn’t answer me in a voice or note or any message of any kind. He just gave me peace after His thought was deposited in my mind.

“Tell them! They don’t know!” Many people don’t really know that God loves them, or perhaps they do. But do they also know that God wants to bless them? God is a good God, He loves us, and He wants to bless us.

We cannot assume that everybody knows this, otherwise why are we here? We have a job to do! We need to walk, talk and spread the good news: God is a good God all the time! God loves us all! And God wants to bless us all! (We just need to let Him).


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