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Child-like Boldness

I remember reading about David in the Bible when he and his men were away and the enemy came, destroyed their camp, and stole all their stuff including their families. Well, David inquired to the Lord as to what to do, and the Lord told him to go and take back what was his. He did. I can imagine what it must have been like to go into the enemy’s camp to take back what had been taken. Well, my grandson experienced a similar situation.

At my son-in-law’s college graduation we had all taken umbrellas because it had been raining all day. We had a beautiful day capturing memories with everyone’s cameras. The crowds were everywhere photographing here and there and everywhere. At one point we had to put down our raincoats, sweaters, umbrellas, programs, and purses so we could take a family-group picture. While we were all being organized for the perfect picture, something was going down and only my grandson was aware of it. While we were all perfecting our smiles, his little eyes watched as a young man casually walked up to our stuff, picked up one of the umbrellas and continued to walk away as if not notice.

After a few more pictures we were done. Gathering our belongings, we realized that one umbrellas was missing. It just happened to be the one with our company logo on the handle-easy to spot.  Asking around if anyone had it or seen it, my grandson answered, “Yes.”  He explained that he saw a man take it. He looked around and spotted the man a good ways off. Their group was taking pictures and our umbrella was resting on the wall behind them. Walking towards the group, my grandson kept his eyes on the man still being photographed with his family. As my grandson neared their group, they made eye contact, but it was too late. Christian dashes for the umbrella and retrieves it right from under their noses. They could not say or do a thing. They knew they had stolen it, therefore my grandson had all rights to take it back. All they could do is watch a 9 yr. old going into their camp and taking back what rightfully belonged to him.

How many of us have a child-like boldness to take back what the enemy has taken from us. And he has taken much! So, much we shall recover. God’s kids never have to go into the enemy’s camp alone. Invite God.


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