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A Child’s Song

How beautiful to hear a song being sung unto the Lord by a 5 and a 2 year old.

When my daughter graduated from college, we arranged to have a family get-together at a restaurant immediately following the ceremony. Her children at the time were five and two. Our grandson had also graduated kindergarten from one of the finest Christian Schools in S. Fl. that same month, so it was a double ceremony.

Along with the whole crowd of maybe twelve people, the children waited patiently while food orders were being taken and then having to wait for everyone to be served. Talking across the large table was quite a challenge since there was a lot of noise in the restaurant during the lunch-time rush. Our table was up against the kitchen wall, which added to the customer noise with dishes clanging and staff in and out of the kitchen doors. But nevertheless, only God knows why things work the way they do.We were enjoying ourselves in spite of the noise because we were there to celebrate and we knew that nothing could take that moment from us as a family.

Finally, the food had arrived. Announcing that we needed to bless the food so we could all eat, our grandson joyfully volunteered himself to say grace. What happened next was truly a moment to treasure.

Closing his eyes, he genuinely held out his hands to each side and naturally the 2 yr. old followed suit. They were the only children among us adults, so of course we were all compelled to do the same. With eyes closed, heads bowed, hands held in a circle around the table, the children began to sing a song of Thanksgiving, which I am sure our  grandson had learned in Kindergarten. They began, two little young voices singing together because we adults didn’t know the song. They sang, “I thank you Father, I thank you Father for this food. Bless it for our bodies, Bless it………” Silence began to take place around us. I felt the presence of  people stopping to listen or see the two babes singing. Shortly after, the prayer/song ended in harmony with their “A-a-men, a-amen.”

Applause! When I opened my eyes, people were standing around our table applauding the children. Not knowing what the clapping was for the children began clapping as well. I was so moved by this moment, that forever it will be a jewel in my heart.

Our Holy God inhabits the praises of  His people. True praise comes from the heart. True praise moves other hearts. True praise makes God move. True praise changes the atmosphere.

Have you listened to a child sing lately? It’s heavenly.


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