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Money and Leaves

 Children, my favorite topic, have influenced my life in such a way that it stirs up excitement every time I am around them or there’s conversations of them floating around.  There is always something I can say about kids.  Big, kids, little kids, funny kids, smart kids, silly kids, or just about any type of kid, I am there!

Kids are so precious, and many times they just get their ways. Why do kids get their ways? Well, I like to think that it’s because we love them, which is a darn good reason to make things happen for them.

Father God loves His children and He is always making things happen for them. He has a heart for children and wants the best for them. When God gives His kids things, they are good things. I like to give good things to kids. Being created in God’s image provides us with that same spirit of giving, and God knows it. If you are a giver, you are a sower. God gives seed to the sower.

One thing kindergarten kids enjoy more than story-time is snack-time! On this particular fall morning twenty pairs of little feet were rushing to the cubbies to get their snacks before lining up to go outdoors and snack in the fresh morning air. Once all were lined up, so I thought, they marched out the door. Once the noise and rushing commotion left the room, I saw him. Little Danny was sitting next to his backpack, holding a brown paper bag and crying with such emotion. Rushing to him thinking he was hurt, I knelt down next to him and asked, “What happened, are you okay?”  With his eyes filled with tears he open the brown paper bag and answered, “They squashed it!” Not knowing what to expect, I carefully looked inside the bag and saw a container of yogurt completely squashed. I felt like crying with him. He was so looking forward to his yogurt snack. Comforting and offering him some crackers just wasn’t a remedy for his tears to stop flowing. His heart was broken and I just didn’t know what else to say or do to make him stop crying. Then before I knew it I said, “I’ll tell you what, I will go get you another yogurt as soon as I can, okay?”  That did it! He stopped crying! Off he went to play.

While playing he kept his eyes on me wondering when I was going to get his yogurt. Just about that time my team teacher came in. She stayed with the children while I stepped out. Okay, I knew I had to go to the store, which was only a couple minutes away. Looking in my purse for some cash, I happened to remember that my own kids had taken lunch money and I was left with an empty wallet. Okay, maybe I have some cash at home, which I would have to drive there, then to the store, than back. Time was not in my favor.

Walking across the parking lot to my car, I began to talk. “Okay, Lord, I need at least a couple dollars.” I was calculating in my head how much yogurt would cost, how long this trip was going to take and hoping I could keep my word to little Danny. With moments being lost in my own thinking, suddenly I was distracted by the sound of dry leaves tumbling and rolling on the pavement. Without a thought, I turned to look and to my surprise I saw a dollar bill twirling with the leaves. I was so thrilled! Picking it up, all I could do is thank God over and over and over until I heard the shuffling of leaves again. I looked and lo and behold-there was dollar number two! Of course by this time I was near my car, I got in, rushed to the store and back with a four-pack yogurt for little Danny.

Like I said before, God always gives His kids good things.


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