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Follow The Leader

As a child, I loved playing Follow The Leader. It was a game where we not only followed the leader, but did as the leader did, and at times we would even have to say what the leader said. At times we’d get so into the game , that we would imitate him even when he did something that wasn’t part of the game, like scratching his head or putting his finger on his head to think of what else to do. The main rule was that we remained behind the leader and were not to pass him and do our own thing. So the closer we remained to him, the better we could see and hear him. Sometimes we followed by walking and other times by running, jumping, crawling, rolling or even taking baby steps. Those who desired to play followed closely, did as he did, said what he said and moved when he moved.

Many times in the Bible Jesus said, “Follow Me”. Read more »

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I BELIEVE: that my children are a gift of God–the hope of a new tomorrow.

I BELIEVE: that immeasurable possibilities lie within each son and daughter.

I BELIEVE: that God has planned a perfect plan for their future, and Read more »

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When Children Ask

Having a conversation with a child must be God’s agenda, because it really sets our minds thinking like they should. When a child asks, “Is God really here?” Do we just answer ‘yes’, or do we lead him to feel God’s presence? When a child asks anything about God, it’s genuine. They don’t ask just to have something to talk about or because someone else is asking. Our answers are the beginning of their foundation of faith. Besides, if you can talk to a Child you can talk to anyone. Make your answers worth the value of the question.

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God’s Best Gift

Children are God’s best gift, the fruit of the womb, His generous legacy. Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth. Oh how blessed are you parents! Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you, you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep. Psalm 127:3,4 msg.

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Smart vs Wise

“Is being smart the same as being wise?” my 12 year old grandson asked.

“Okay, where do you think wisdom comes from?” I challenged him.

“From God?” he hesitantly answered.

“And how do you get smart? How do you gain knowledge or a ‘know-how’ of things?” Read more »

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You Got Mail

Have you ever noticed how a child is always looking up? They can spot airplanes, birds, kites, jets, and even floating-away balloons before we adults do.

One beautiful morning I was out with my four year old grandson, he looked up to see a written message in the gorgeous blue sky.

“What does that say, Nama? he asked. “Jesus loves you”, I answered. The excitement gleamed all over his face as he carefully studied the message. Then he seriously announced, “Nama, God wrote us a letter!” Read more »