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Child of God; hum , why not Adult of God, or Grown-up of God, or perhaps Babies of God? Have you ever wondered why the Bible puts so much emphasis on being a Child of God? Well, first of all a child needs looking after all the time. A child is born with an unlimited-kind of faith, to a child, everything is beautiful, new, exciting, and fresh. A child’s mind and drive is as a sponge–soaking it all in. A child trusts without judging, gives without concern, walks without worry, and loves without boundaries. A child believes in greater things than himself, they obey because they trust, they question because they truly want to know, and they speak in simple terms for us to understand them. And a child asks, because he can.

It is a privilege to be called and considered a Child of God.  To God, we will always be His Children. Wow! So the topic of this blog is so true: “Child of God Forever.” As long as we are child-like, we can get God’s attention. Remember, Read more »

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Dear Child of God,

 When you, my child, are confused, not knowing which way to go, remember that you can trust me. Go ahead and hide beneath the shadow of my wings until the storm passes. When you cry to me, I will do wonders for you. I have a plan for your life, for today, for tomorrow and for all the days you are on earth. Put your trust in Me and I will direct your footsteps as your planned-out life comes to pass. I will complete them. They are good plans, plans to prosper you. Read My Word: Ps. 57:1-2

P.S. God Loves You