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Your Opinion

Many of you have a pretty good opinion of yourself. Who knows you better than yourself? No one! FALSE! God knows you better than you actually know or will ever know yourself. Yet, you may know of your past and your today, but you just don’t know yourself coming tomorrow. And to fully say, you just have no idea about your future! Read more »

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Do any of us really know “the WAY of life?” Do we know the way to life or the way to anything in the future? Are we born knowing when and where to go? Are we born knowing how to do things? Do we know the way along the way? The answer is NO if you are trying to figure it out as a future search. We can only know the WAY today. The WAY is for the present, the NOW living, the day by day living. The WAY is for the moment and there’s only one way to live–it is in the NOW, the today of your journey. Read more »

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BEATIFY (bee-at-uh-fahy)

This word means to make blissfully happy. Have you ever felt this kind of happiness? The extreme, full, complete, abounding, and enjoyable kind of happiness? I believe this kind of blissful happiness beautifies you. Why? because  blissful happiness is birthed from deep within and it surfaces naturally. What makes you happy? blissfully happy?

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265/66 (Or More) Opportunities

As I think about how fast one month can fly by, it makes me wonder what of me went with it. And what of the rest of the days that are left, will I make a difference or even leave a speck of any thing that made that day significant to me?  We know that years are marked by certain events that will take place, and also by what people will do. For centuries God has been providing a cycle of 365 or 366 days for us to enjoy and leave our mark behind. Read more »

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Who Are We?

For centuries, people have been asking this question.  And I am sure you have or know someone who has asked this at some point in time.  Lets go back to when we were created.  Read more »

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I Had A Dream

“I had a dream.” How many of us have heard this? Well, like it or not, dreams come to everyone and a lot of them mean something. Sometimes we remember them, other times we don’t want to remember them for what ever reasons. Some are remembered in detail and others are remembered in bits and pieces. I find that the dreams that mean something to me are the ones that stay with me. Maybe throughout the day I think on it, or it just keeps popping up at different times. If it is in my mind and heart more than once, I want to know why. Some are meant to share and others are meant to be kept to self and at this stage of life I can pretty much tell the difference. The following is one of those bits-and-pieces-type of dream: Read more »

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Euphemism is a less direct term used in place of one considered less offensive. In these times with words and terms changing rapidly we are, to a degree, excused for the way we talk, or rather the way we use our words. Sometimes we aren’t even talking we’re just making noise loud enough to be heard.

One fact that is so common is the use of God’s name in vain. Now, vain doesn’t mean we didn’t know or we didn’t mean to say that or even an ‘oops’ that slipped out. Speaking in vain means we’re speaking in a conceited, proud, fruitless an ineffectual way. And worst of all we know it! Read more »

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A Child’s Song

How beautiful to hear a song being sung unto the Lord by a 5 and a 2 year old.

When my daughter graduated from college, we arranged to have a family get-together at a restaurant immediately following the ceremony. Her children at the time were five and two. Our grandson had also graduated kindergarten from one of the finest Christian Schools in S. Fl. that same month, so it was a double ceremony.

Along with the whole crowd of maybe twelve people, the children waited patiently while food orders were being taken and then having to wait for everyone to be served. Talking across the large table was quite a challenge since there was a lot of noise in the restaurant during the lunch-time rush. Our table was up against the kitchen wall, which added to the customer noise with dishes clanging and staff in and out of the kitchen doors. But nevertheless, only God knows why things work the way they do. Read more »

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Child-like Boldness

I remember reading about David in the Bible when he and his men were away and the enemy came, destroyed their camp, and stole all their stuff including their families. Well, David inquired to the Lord as to what to do, and the Lord told him to go and take back what was his. He did. I can imagine what it must have been like to go into the enemy’s camp to take back what had been taken. Well, my grandson experienced a similar situation. Read more »

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Money and Leaves

 Children, my favorite topic, have influenced my life in such a way that it stirs up excitement every time I am around them or there’s conversations of them floating around.  There is always something I can say about kids.  Big, kids, little kids, funny kids, smart kids, silly kids, or just about any type of kid, I am there!

Kids are so precious, and many times they just get their ways. Why do kids get their ways? Well, I like to think that it’s because we love them, which is a darn good reason to make things happen for them. Read more »