Your Opinion

Many of you have a pretty good opinion of yourself. Who knows you better than yourself? No one! FALSE! God knows you better than you actually know or will ever know yourself. Yet, you may know of your past and your today, but you just don’t know yourself coming tomorrow. And to fully say, you just have no idea about your future! Read more »

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“IN” not “OF”

Romans 12:2 says,”Do not be conformed to this world…” Do we really know what this means? Well, I understand it to mean that we should not copy the standards nor the ways of this world in any way. Why? The oldest book that we have says that the world is evil. It is referring to the cosmos, the world system, which is run by and headed by the Prince of this world-Satan.

But, we are ALL in this world, now what? Yes, we are all IN this world, but not all of us are OF this world (John 17:14-15). What? Read more »

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Living in Florida, we’ve experienced many hurricanes. Some lighter than others. In one occasion the transformer behind our house blew out causing the lack of electricity to our entire neighborhood. Trying to make the most of it, or in it, we lit candles and oil lamps. Prior to the storm, we had reserved water and collected perishable food, all hoping for the best , but preparing for the worse. But regardless of our ever-ready life to live without power, it was not the same. One thing for sure was that without the real source of electricity our lives and activities were limited.

I began to think about how we are as transformers. Read more »

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Follow The Leader

As a child, I loved playing Follow The Leader. It was a game where we not only followed the leader, but did as the leader did, and at times we would even have to say what the leader said. At times we’d get so into the game , that we would imitate him even when he did something that wasn’t part of the game, like scratching his head or putting his finger on his head to think of what else to do. The main rule was that we remained behind the leader and were not to pass him and do our own thing. So the closer we remained to him, the better we could see and hear him. Sometimes we followed by walking and other times by running, jumping, crawling, rolling or even taking baby steps. Those who desired to play followed closely, did as he did, said what he said and moved when he moved.

Many times in the Bible Jesus said, “Follow Me”. Read more »

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Steady In God

One more year gone. To some it just dragged on with each heavy step, to others it just flew by fast and furious. What next? If we don’t know what tomorrow will bring whats to say that we know what a whole New Year will bring. First things first: forget the past and stay steady in God. This new year is first and foremost a gift. We are blessed to be alive today. This 2017 Chapter has many empty pages pertaining to what we are to do, but on the other hand pages are spilling over with what God has already ordained and willed for our lives. Read more »

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Blessings Flow

It’s God’s nature to bless and it’s His purpose for blessings to flow. It never has been and never will be God’s intention for His blessings to end with us, rather for them to flow to others as part of His greater plan for the whole world. So when you receive a blessing or you ask for a particular blessing, do you have the whole picture or perhaps the bigger picture in mind? He does. Though while He personally works in our lives, much more is going on behind the scenes that we are unaware of many times. It is like the song, “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hand,” but in this case, it fits to say, “He’s Got The Whole World in His Mind.” Read more »

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The Oh well, might as well.. moments in our lives are when we have no other choices, or before we give up, or perhaps the left-overs of our actions. After trying everything, one might say, “Might as well try this, nothing else has worked,” and there goes the last of your possessions. They could be your dreams, hopes, your faith, and maybe your love. They could also be money, as a matter of fact, the majority of issues deal with money, but they can include your last action of doing something. A sad example may be, might as well end my life, I’m no good. This is a serious one because you are dealing with a precious life–YOURS!

Many people, in the past as is today and unfortunately will continue in the future, have had to or will deal with many might-as-wells including, Might as well try God, nothing else has worked. Sadly, but true, this was meant for the beginning of our journey rather than an option of last resort. Read more »

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God Has Spoken-Once & For ALL!

When God speaks, ALL things happen! In Psalm 62:11, it begins, “God has spoken once; twice have I heard this…” When God speaks, whether once, ONE Word of His is more to be trusted, confided and depended on than all men and things in this world. God hasn’t only spoken to us once, He has spoken His Word often and continues to speak to us over and over again. Are we listening? Are we really hearing Him? God speaks in ALL His Glory, in ALL His Power, in ALL His Might, in ALL His Perfection, in All His Fullness, and in ALL His Love! “ALL” is every bit of Him, Completely, Entirely, The Sum of, Totally, Perfect, Whole, and it goes on and on….. It’s a good idea to hold on to this meaning of “ALL” when reading of His Promises to us, His Children.  Read more »

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Do any of us really know “the WAY of life?” Do we know the way to life or the way to anything in the future? Are we born knowing when and where to go? Are we born knowing how to do things? Do we know the way along the way? The answer is NO if you are trying to figure it out as a future search. We can only know the WAY today. The WAY is for the present, the NOW living, the day by day living. The WAY is for the moment and there’s only one way to live–it is in the NOW, the today of your journey. Read more »

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BEATIFY (bee-at-uh-fahy)

This word means to make blissfully happy. Have you ever felt this kind of happiness? The extreme, full, complete, abounding, and enjoyable kind of happiness? I believe this kind of blissful happiness beautifies you. Why? because  blissful happiness is birthed from deep within and it surfaces naturally. What makes you happy? blissfully happy?

Read more »